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Treatment of Biomedical Waste with Ozone


In 2006, the annual American Hospital Association survey on hospitals reported there were nearly 950,000 hospital beds in the U.S.1 In Canada in 2005 the number of acute care hospital beds was approximately 103,000.2 Combined, there are over 1 million
hospital beds in Canada and the U.S. Annual waste production in hospitals is about 2 tonnes per hospital bed, or about 2,000,000 tonnes in total.3 Of this, about 15% is considered hazardous waste, including materials such as biomedical, pharmaceutical,
chemical, and laboratory wastes.4 In addition, there are about 500,000 private clinics, not reflected in the statistics cited above.5 As a result, the amount of biomedical waste produce in North America each year is significant.

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