Treatment of industrial wastewater

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All industries produce some type of waste product, either from production, maintanance or both. These hazardous and non-hazardous wastes need to be properly stored, treated and discharged to a sewer system or otherwise disposed of. Wastewater treatment is a multi-stage process to renew wastewater before it is discharged to the municipal sewer system. The goal is tio reduce or remove organic matter. solids, nutrients, disease-causing organisms and other pollutants from the water in compliance with regulatory limits. Processed wastewarer can then be discharged to a municipal sewer for a fraction of the cost of waste hauling.

Filter Innovations Inc. (FII) offers industrial wastewater treatment technologies that allow industries to treat almost any industrial waste stream, including those high in suspended solids, fats, oil and grease, organics and other contaminants. To reduce the environmental impact of effluents from industrial wastewater. FII ensures that wastewater is treated using one or more technologies and practices that minimize harmful environmental impacts. FII also ensures that the sludge removed during wastewater treatment is recycled or discposed of properly.

Case History: Direct Line Environmental

Direct Line Environmental Services Inc. is a fully integrated liquid waste management company that has been involved in the collection and processing of waste in the province of Ontario for over twenty years. Direct Line's orginal Physical and Chemical Waste Treatment Plant totaled approximately 13,000 square feet. To expand the facility's processing capabilities, an adjacent 8.5 acres was acquired, and a 2900 square foot addition was planned. Direct Line industrial and commercial waste management programs include, but are not limited to, the tranport and/or treatment/recycling/disposal of wastewater, non-hazardous and alkaline wastes, waste oil and spent fuels, interceptor waste, used oil filters, parts washer and gun cleaner solvents, spent glycol and paint sludge.

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