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Treatment of landfill leachate by effective microorganisms

Five dominant strains, capable of treating leachate effectively, were isolated. The results showed that the removal efficiency of COD by using the mixed strains was higher than the pure strain, reaching 46.8%. The optimal inoculum concentration and the treatment time were 10.0% and 120 h respectively. The removal rate of COD reached the maximum at the temperature of 35°C and pH of 7.0. The results also indicated that adding carbon sources was beneficial to decomposing the organic pollutants in leachate. Moreover the dominant strains had also an effect on decomposing nonbiodegradable organic pollutants, that E260 was 29.4%.

Keywords: landfill leachate, effective microorganisms, chemical oxygen demand, COD, biodegradation, E260, leachate treatment, organic pollutants

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