Treatment of leachate using the DMT MemBioRex® technology


One of the most difficult waste waters to treat is leachate from a landfill. Leachate is water from the degrading waste and rainfall which percolates through the waste. Leachate usually contains a high concentration of ammonium, low concentrations of phosphor, high salinity, high alkalinity and various concentrations of heavy metals. Combined with strongly fluctuating flows, a high pH and ever decreasing ratio for BOD/COD leachate is very difficult to treat with conventional technologies.

DMT, Dirkse environmental technology a Dutch based manufacture of Water Treatment, Odour Control and Biogas Upgrading systems has designed the MemBioRex® technology to treat heavily polluted industrial waste waters.

For the last three years DMT was involved in various projects for leachate treatment plants using the MemBioRex® technology. It combines a MembraneBioReactor (MBR) with NanoFiltration (NF) and optional activated carbon (AC) to reach an effluent quality which can be discharged to the surrounding surface waters.

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