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Treatment of tannery wastewater in a hybrid biological reactor

A shaft-type hybrid bioreactor treated composite wastewater of a chrome tannery manufacturing 'wet-blue leather'. The sample was treated under suspended growth and then hybrid system with 20 g/L of 5 mm tyre tube beads in batch mode. The continuous study was made under suspended growth and hybrid system with 10-30 g/L of beads. The kinetic coefficients Ks, k, Y and k were 170.83 mg/L, 0.0397 h−1, 0.3629 and 0.0035 h−1 respectively. The maximum COD removal was 70.9% under a loading rate of 5.250 kg/day/m³. The overall removal rate ranged from 0.0824-0.1004/h for the hybrid system.

Keywords: activated sludge, hybrid reactors, shaft-type, tyre tube beads, chrome tannery, composite wastewater, wastewater treatment, bioreactors

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