Treatment Solutions - Carbon Removal Case Study


Courtesy of Global Treatment Solutions

Global Treatment Solutions was contracted by Republic Services to serve as carbon removal and replacement specialists. Republic uses vapor phase granular activated carbon in 55 gallon drums at a municipal solid waste landfill to treat the off gas from a vacuum truck discharge to remove foul odor.

A vacuum skid, built and operated by Global, is used to remove upwards of 10,000 pounds of spent carbon from multiple drums. Carbon is vacuumed into a steel vessel where it can then be loaded into 1000 pound super sacks. Air discharge as a result of the vacuum skid is sent though a purpose built scrubber to ensure a clean discharge. Regenerated vapor phase carbon, provided by Global, is then loaded into the drums from 1000 pound super sacks. Global removes all spent carbon from the site once the change-out is complete. All non-hazardous carbon is transported to a USEPA licensed facility where it is regenerated with a thermal reactivation kiln. Spent carbon
may also be sent to a licensed landfill for disposal.

Global has demonstrated an ability to perform this routine project quickly and efficiently with little disruption of Republic Service’s day to day operation. Throughout the duration of the project, Global has been able to accommodate last minute change-out requests, completing the job in a safe and timely manner.

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