Trenton trail, Trenton air force base, Ontario, Canada - Case Study


Courtesy of Presto Geosystems

Extending a recreation trail through reclaimed land at Ontario’s Trenton Air Force Base challenged engineers to create a structure that could endure heavy seasonal flooding. Over half of the nine kilometer trail runs through reclaimed area, making the ability to resist erosion critical to the project’s long term success.

“During certain times, major sections of the trail will be under water for days. We knew it would take something extra to keep these sections of the trail intact year to year,” explains Grant Gabovic a civil design engineer at the 8 wing Trenton. “We didn’t want to be back out there every Spring rebuilding the trail.”

Grant Gabovic specified Presto’s Geoweb® cellular confinement system in the wettest areas to achieve the durability desired. The Geoweb system is a three-dimensional, expandable, honeycomb-like, polyethylene structure that controls shearing and lateral movement of base materials when concentrated or distributed loads are applied, minimizing surface rutting.

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