Tri-Mer Fan / Separator Chosen by Boeing


Courtesy of Tri-Mer Corporation

Boeing Helicopter, Ridley Park, Pa., manufactures specialty aircraft components, for the Chinook (CH-47).  The facility also repairs and overhauls aircraft, including the entire US Chinook fleet.

In June, 2003, Boeing contacted with Walgren Company (Grand Rapids, MI) for manufacture of an alodize line.  The 5-stage alodize system was specified with a Tri-Mer “Fan/Separator” to handle acid fumes.

The Fan / Separator is a highly efficient, double-pack system. It is “all-mechanical,” and operates with 20% less brake horsepower than competitive systems.  Fan / Separators scrub corrosive fumes at 1/10th the water required by traditional wet scrubbers.

Operational efficiencies are in the 99% efficiency range, thanks in part to use of the fan as a centrifuge in scrubbing.  The system is positively pressured, so air is pushed, rather than pulled, through the system.  Energy use is typically 15 to 20% less than comparable wet scrubbers that have a negative pressure design.

The Fan /Separator is extremely effective in eliminating corrosive fumes, even when loading is variable.  It yields a low humidity stack.

Previous to the work at Boeing Helicopter, Tri-Mer provided scrubbers for four finishing lines at Boeing Precision Gear.  Those lines perform eleven finishing processes: hard chrome, cadmium, copper, nickel, tin and aluminum chromate; also stainless passivation, black oxiding, pickling, magnesium dichromate and Nital etch.  The scrubbers provided by Tri-Mer for this Boeing project include a Chrome Eliminator and four Crossflow Scrubbers.

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