Tricky track at the Tunnel case study


Courtesy of Oil Pollution Environmental Control Ltd

OPEC solves Channel Tunnel pollution problem

British Rail Network 'SouthEast' were faced with an unusual problem at a project they were handling for Rail Freight.

At the new freight inspection yard at the UK end of the Channel Tunnel, which is designed solely for electric traction, the operators will initially be using heavy diesel locomotives. When stationary these were considered to be a high pollution risk and it was therefore necessary to prevent any ground contamination form leakages.

The special products division of Oil Pollution Environmental Control ltd. designed, manufactured and installed a total of 135 metres of on-track trays to capture any leakages of fuel or lube oils greases which may occur either between the running rails or from the overhang outside the track.

OPEC's RP18 adsorbent fabric is used to retain the oils and the tiered construction of the trays allows rainwater to bleed off at regular intervals through RP18 filter packs. The use of GRP construction ensures durability and the design is such that no tools are required when periodic maintenance is carried out.

The alternative solution to 'Tricky Track' would have been to install an extensive and very expensive underground drainage system costing in excess of 20 times that of Tricky Track.

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