Trimming the Waste


Courtesy of World Water Works, Inc.

With an inefficient wastewater treatment system going unused and escalating sewer surcharges of more than $30000 a month, Alpenrose Dairy had to find a better way to do business.

The Portland, Ore.-based processor of milk, ice cream, cottage cheese and sour cream had installed a wastewater treatment system 10 years earlier, but it was retired after several years of high operating costs because the carbon-steel system became corroded.

“We had 60,000-gallon tanks to put a day’s run into. When we would discharge to the city, they were charging us extra charges. We had tried a couple different ways to solve the problems before World Water Works gaye us a system,” says Eric Trummel, Alpenrose maintenance manager.

Initially, Trummel did an Internet search to find vendors to help with the dairy’s wastewater issues, and he found World Water Works, Elmsford, N.Y. World Wauer Works offered us www/RESOURCE Dissolved Air Flotation system as a solution for Alpenrose to pretreat its wastewater. “Our wastewater treatment system works on ways to improve liquid/solid separation. We took advantage of newer research to make it cost effective,” says Mark Fosshage, World Water Works president, explaining that design is based on plant size, flow rates and concentration. “It’s a fixed design that we scale to the plant.”

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