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triple offset butterfly valve has a high performance


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Characterized in that : said seat ring by a T -shaped seal ring on both sides of the soft multi-layer stainless steel sheet .

    Valve plate and triple offset butterfly valve   seat sealing surface for the oblique cone structure , oblique cone surface of the valve plate welding temperature, corrosion resistant alloy material ; adjusting ring plate fixed on the spring between the platen adjustment screw assembly structures. This structure effectively compensate for tolerances between the sleeve and the valve stem in the medium band and elastic deformation under pressure to solve the two-way valve in the transmission medium of exchange sealing problems exist in the process .

    Use of soft T seals on both sides of multilayer stainless steel sheet , with a metal seal and soft seal the dual advantages of both low and high temperatures, both with zero leakage sealing performance . Test proved positive Chi flow state ( medium flow direction and the disc rotation in the same direction ) , the sealing surface pressure is the transmission of torque and media pressure on the valve plate produced by interaction . Forward medium pressure increases, the lug butterfly valveplate oblique cone surface and the valve seat sealing surface squeezed more tightly , sealing the better .

    When the counter state, the valve plate and valve seat seal between the drive torque to the valve plate is pressed against the valve seat . With reverse media pressure , the valve plate and valve seat pressure between the units is less than the medium pressure, adjusting ring spring contained in the subject after the deformation energy stored in compensation valve plate and valve seat sealing surface of the clamping pressure play the role of automatic compensation .

Therefore, the utility model, unlike the existing technologies, as the valve plate mounting hardware multi ring, but directly mounted on the valve body , the middle seat in the platen and an additional adjustment ring is a very good way to two-way seal . It can replace the valve, and ball valve .

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