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Triple P value propositions – from a value trade-off to synergy


A growing number of businesses are dealing with sustainability issues. One way to approach corporate sustainability is by implementing radical innovations with a high ambition level in terms of profit as well as people and planet. However, keeping the ambition high by realising value synergy within new business models is challenging. During the process of realisation, often trade-offs in corporate sustainability are made, entailing the focus on economic values instead of on the people and planet dimensions of sustainability. This article tries to provide insight into how a business may be supported to create value synergy in a new business model, by exploring the MijnBoer case – a Dutch sustainable agribusiness initiative – from the perspective of so called triple P value propositions (people, planet, profit). The development of a sustainable business model for MijnBoer was guided by applying the interactive learning and action monitoring approach.

Keywords: triple P value proposition, transdisciplinarity, action research, sustainable development, corporate sustainability, monitoring and evaluation, M&E, value co-creation, value trade-off, value synergy

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