Triton aerator/mixer saves energy & operational costs & reduces carbon footprint


Municipal and industrial users tackle many wastewater treatment challenges at their facilities including meeting more stringent permit limits with limited or declining resources. The ideal solution for today’s professional is finding an innovative technology that offers a cost-effective, sustainable treatment solution that exemplifies environmental stewardship in the community.

Many facilities have found their ideal aeration choice with the award-winning Aire-O2 Triton process aerator/mixer that offers operational and energy savings, capital investment savings, unsurpassed process control and Biological Nutrient Removal (BNR), a smaller carbon footprint, and minimal maintenance. The process aerator is manufactured by Aeration Industries International, Inc. of Chaska, MN.

Aerobic wastewater treatment processes are dependent upon effective and efficient aeration systems that provide the necessary oxygen to microorganisms, making the process work. Optimal efficiency and treatment effectiveness are achieved when the aeration system not only provides dissolved oxygen in a form used by the microorganisms, but also to ultimately mix and disperse that oxygen throughout the aerated basin. The Triton process aerator offers fine bubble oxygen dispersion and maximum horizontal mixing capabilities to depths of 33 feet.

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