Triton boosts municipality treating cheese processing waste


Courtesy of Aeration Industries International (AII)

Pre-treatment with a Triton removed odors from the RBC system and boosted treatment performance


This Midwestern USA city upgraded its treatment system over the years. Although it has a population of only 2,700, the town’s cheese processing plant makes their influent equivalent to a city of 50,000. In 1986, a mechanical wastewater treatment plant was constructed to be used in conjunction with its secondary aerated treatment ponds. The maximum influent flow was 0.97 MGD (3671.45 m 3/day). 'Things did not go as planned,' the superintendent reports. 'The RBCs couldn’t maintain our standards, so we had to rely more heavily on our aerated ponds. The RBCs required high maintenance and labor costs,' said the superintendent. 'And, odors were a problem from day one.'


Back in 1977, the town had installed 26 x 5 hp (3.73 kW) AIRE-O2® aspirator aerators into its secondary treatment ponds and had experienced almost 20 years of maintenance friendly, treatment performance. As part of its solution, they decided it was time to purchase new AIRE-O2® aerators into its secondary ponds to meet compliance standards in 1995. They learned about the new Triton under development when they called Aeration Industries in 1997. Together, they decided the new Triton would be ideal in a unique application process of activating the bacteria and returning it to the influent flow prior to RBC treatment. The town decided to try the Triton, installing it in a pre-treatment basin.


' It’s working great,' said the official. The white odorous bacterial growth visible on the RBCs before turned to an odorless, light brown color. With the Triton, treatment performance improved, capacity increased and finally, odors were gone. But, the official quickly added that the AIRE-O2® aspirator aerators in the secondary ponds were still very valuable to the plant’s overall operation. In the event of a primary mechanical problem and/or increase in capacity, the aerators can be turned on and off as needed. Now, the town’s 800 mg/l BOD influent obtains a BOD effluent as low as 8 mg/l. The town got rid of the headaches and gained reliable treatment performance with the Triton.

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