Trojan Technologies Helping To `Renature` The Isar River

The renaturing of the Isar River in Germany is one of the most unique and ambitious environmental programs in the world. Part of a major undertaking by the State of Bavaria, the Isar River, which flows northward from its source in the Alps through Munich and then on to the Danube, is an important tourism and recreation area for millions of citizens and visitors each year.

Bavaria has committed about EURO 3.5 million to the first phase of the overall renaturing project, which will help wastewater plants along the Upper Isar to upgrade their disnfection facilities.

The final phase, to be operational in 2007, will focus on the Lower Isar north of Munich to the Danube. It is expected that many advanced treatment facilities will be constructed over the next five years.

In announcing the initiative last May, Bavarian Environment Minister Werner Schnappauf said that the goal is for Munich to be one of the first major European cities in which 'a river invites its citizens to a healthy and fun bathing attraction'.

During the summer months, many people swim in the river even though it is not advised. Boating and rafting are also popular. In Munich, the river passes through the English Garden -- Europe's largest park and one of the main attractions of the city.

A pilot project on the Upper Isar at Bad Tolz demonstrated that UV treatment can successfully ensure that the discharge into the river meets the stringent 'bathing water standards' set by the Bavarian State Office for Water Management. The region selected Trojan to build and install ultraviolet (UV) water disinfection systems at the wastewater plants in Wolfratshausen and Schaeftlarn. Both UV facilities became operational in April 2003, and are being used to destroy pathogens in the wastewater before discharge. Two other wastewater facilities on the Upper Isar -- located at Benediktbeuern/Bichl and Penzberg -- are in the process of inviting bids.

'We're proud to be playing a part in rejuvenating the Isar,' says Serafino Verace, Trojan's Manager in Germany. 'Bavaria wants this to be a showcase, and we are committed to ensuring that this project exceeds everyone's expectations.'

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