TROJAN Wastewater Disinfection System Installed at innovative Wessex Water Works

Wessex Water Works and Trojan Technologies Inc. have found a way to combine a new BAF (Biological Activated Filter) plant with UV technology at its sewage treatment works at Bridgewater, Somerset. BAF technology and UV treatment are generally not noted for their compatibility. However, in this case, innovative Wessex Water, with the help of Trojan's U.K. arm, Sunwater, has successfully overcome these traditional difficulties by installing a TrojanUV3000™Plus disinfection system.

The UV disinfection system was required in response to the EU directives that prohibit chemically dosing wastewater. This treatment facility near Bridgewater serves a predominantly industrial area with wastewater being fed into the works from both a Unox plant as well as the BAF plant. Wastewater produced jointly by the Unox and BAF plants is discharged into the River Parrett, together with disinfected wastewater from the nearby West Huntspill sewage treatment works, before the river flows into the sea.

The Trojan system is installed within its own channel and is the treatment works’ final outlet to the river. The system has a maximum flow rate of approximately 800 litres/second.

Iain Harris of Wessex Water said he was impressed with the quality and performance of the Trojan kit: 'Trojan are good plants, they are very reliable. They are so streamlined they don’t 'rag up' with debris and are incredibly easy to maintain. They also meet all our specifications and integrate well with Wessex Water’s other sources of supply which makes everything even more manageable because obtaining spare parts never becomes a problem. Right from the start Sunwater was always very helpful, responding to our needs quickly and working alongside us to achieve greater improvements. The Trojan system really works well.'

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