Troublesome leaks

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Blowers and Vacuum Pumps employed in evaporator systems have problems with frequent leaks. This includes both the internal and external sealing systems.

Beginning with 2016, following numerous tests, CONCES offers all end users of evaporators, new solutions for blowers of various manufactures.

A well-sealed Blower and Vacuum Pump guarantees ultimate efficiency  of your sewage treatment system.

CONCES can do it for you !!!

  • Seals are manufactured according to our guidelines. 
  • Replacement of the drive shaft seal does not require dismantling of the  blower or pump from the evaporator.
  • Seals can be mounted in machines of various manufactures. 
  • Immediately after installing the seals the evaporator is ready for work.
  • Application of specially designed internal seals allows for proper separation of the chamber from the sump, particularly useful in   evaporators withinjected cooling systems. 

CONCES proposes technical solutions that do not interfere in the machine's design. High quality of service is guaranteed by heavy duty materials used by CONCES.

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