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TSLP transfer station leachate treatment equipment


Waste transfer station leachate problem

The waste transfer station in each city is an important hub for waste collection and transfer treatment, and the leachate from the transfer station has the characteristics of high COD, high ammonia nitrogen, high suspended solids and high oil content, which is difficult to treat due to the limited scale and space of the site. Traditional external transportation has the problem of dripping, and direct discharge into the municipal sewage network will impact the municipal sewage treatment system, so effective treatment solutions are urgently needed.

TSLP transfer station leachate treatment equipment

TSLP transfer station leachate treatment equipment is highly integrated, small footprint, fast deployment, mobility, no civil construction, stable operation, fully automated operation and many other advantages. The produced water reaches the discharge requirements of the Water Quality Standard for Sewage Discharge into Cities and Towns (GB/T31962-2015), which effectively solves the problems of transfer station leachate treatment and external transportation.

Thoroughly solve the problems of transfer station leachate problems

Product Features:

  • Direct discharge of produced water into the municipal network
  • Water reuse, nanofiltration and DTRO water can be reused directly in the washing water of the transfer station.
  • Highly integrated, all modules of the machine are highly integrated in the container, small footprint
  • Automated operation, start and stop at the touch of a button, running, cleaning, dosing and data collection are all fully automated
  • Fast deployment, no civil construction, outdoor, mobile, rapid deployment and commissioning
  • Application area: Transfer station leachate treatment
  • Treatment process: Efficient pretreatment + multi-stage membrane process

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