TurbEx® COOLING TOWER - Case Study


Courtesy of Fluid Technologies (Environmental) Ltd.

This article is about the case study of the TurbeEx® Cooling Tower in operation at a Huhtamaki U.S. pulp & paper facility.

Commissioned in late Spring 2016 this TurbEx® COOLING TOWER cools process water at a Huhtamaki U.S. pulp & paper facility using TurboScrubber® fluidized packing to ensure continuous non-clogging operation even with sticky pulp & solids laden white water. The system is integrated with the plant process control system to maintain optimum operation. 

Despite operating during non optimal start up conditions with low water flow, low enthalpy (water inlet 47ºC) & high inlet air RH the heat transfer was still at 3.5MMBtu/hr (~1MW) & the outlet water temp within 3ºF of the inlet dry bulb gas temp. This equates to a 280 KW/m3K expanded bed HTC... 

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