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Turbidity Warning System


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Morgan Est Contractors for National Grid
Supply and installation of telemetred groundwater monitoring network, May 2006 ongoing

Hydro-Logic recently completed the supply and installation of borehole instrumentation and a telemetry monitoring system to monitor groundwater conditions in 28 observation wells located at 19 sites in the vicinity of Croydon.

The project was required to ensure suitable management of potential risks to potable water supply during the construction of a new services tunnel between electrical substations in Beddington and Rowdown, South London.

The Isodaq Hawk XT GSM outstation housed in a GRP kiosk next to each borehole.

Hydro-Logic was responsible for the supply, procurement and installation of:

  • 18 GSM telemetered observation boreholes with water quality, water level and pump sampling equipment
  • 10 observation wells with pump sampling equipment plus some non-telemetered monitoring requirement
  • A telemetered climate site (event rainfall and barometric pressure)
  • FEP telemetry system and HydroLOG4 database software installed at clients office
  • Training provided for all software and hardware provided under the project.

The system included our own Isodaq telemetry system (comprising of the Hawk XT outstations and FEP telemetry server), Greenspan multi-parameter water quality and level sensors, and Geotechnical Instruments pump sampling equipment.

An integrated approach required the management and coordination of skills and experience from across the company with our client (Morgan Est), the client's technical advisors (ESI) and the utilities provider (National Grid).

Key inputs from three of our four core business streams (hydrometry, Isodaq telemetry and data systems, and technical support) were required to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Design and installation services were provided by our sister company within the Hydro-Logic Group, Hydro-Logic Services Ltd.

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