Turning waste into wattage


How we are helping to meet the growing demand for waste energy recovery

It’s a sign of the times that more and more companies and organisations are now looking at ways to capitalise on the waste material their production process produces rather than having to pay a third part to take it away for them.  One reason of course is the high cost of scrappage.  Another is the reduced availability of suitable landfill facilities.  While another and many would say even more significant reason, is today’s desire to reduce or even eliminate unviable waste from their production cycle.

At Todaysure Matthews, as one of the world’s leading specialists in waste incinerators and combustion technology, we have the experience and technical capability to offer attractive opportunities for companies, organisations and authorities who wish to convert their waste into valuable steam, hot air, hot water … or even into electricity via Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) equipment using waste incinerators that are suitable for all sizes of operation, from the largest authorities to small firms and organisations.

Waste to energy recovery is, pardon the pun, one of today’s hottest topics for many forward looking businesses and by investing in this latest technology it is possible to produce what can be impressive levels of electricity.  In turn this can then be reused on site thus saving substantial energy costs, or it can be exported to a third party in order to generate significant revenue from a resource that previously would literally have gone to waste.

One example we can highlight is a cabinet manufacturer who at one time paid thousands of pounds every year to hire skips and then paid someone to take the waste timber away to be scrapped.  Now, thanks to the incineration technology we installed, they no longer have to pay for scrappage and instead by using our waste energy recovery plant can incinerate their waste and in the process generate a considerable amount of what can only be described as FREE ENERGY.

All types of industries are now benefitting from our waste energy recovery technology, even those that you may not have thought would possible such as tyre disposal.  Thanks to our expertise they can now incinerate the rubber in a clean and legally approved safe and environmentally sound process, while at the same time using waste energy recovery to generate a valuable financially attractive resource for their company.

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