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Turnkey installation for a custom coater - Case study


Courtesy of Catalytic Products International (CPI)

A custom coating operation recently installed a TRITON-Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer manufactured by Catalytic Products International, Inc. The TRITON system was contracted on a turnkey basis in which CPI engineered and installed; the fugitive enclosure system to meet method 204, the ductwork system from all production lines, foundation work, electrical integration, and rigged the oxidizer. The project was installed on time and without any added costs.

The features and benefits offered by the TRITON System include:

  • Posi-Seal Valves – heavy duty construction offering zero leakage with soft seating action
  • Even-Flo Manifolds – minimized volume increases VOC removal efficiency
  • Unique Cold-Face Support – thoughtful engineering offers durability, even during bake-out periods
  • TSS Controls – Unique and user friendly platform that protects the system, offers data for monitoring needs, and is easily integrated with most DCS.

This unit is rated to 8,000 scfm and provided +99% VOC removal efficiency. The system is selfsustaining at ~ 3% LEL and requires only 14” wc back pressure. The unit includes internal insulation to keep the shell cool-to-the-touch and externally insulated Even-Flo Manifolds prevents condensation from forming on the Posi-Seal Valves.

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