Ruixin Environmental Specialty Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. (RESEM)

Turnkey Manufacturer & Supplier of Large scale Waste Plastic & Tire Pyrolysis Plant Machinery


We establish large scale pyrolysis plants on turnkey basis. The total turnkey supply includes of machinery designing & simulation, equipment manufacturing, supply, installation, commissioning, technology transfer and operational training. We are one of the prominent leaders in establishing pyrolysis plants on turnkey basis.   Advantages of pyrolysis plants manufactured & supplied by Pyrocrat Systems:

  • Purest quality of pyrolysis oil as finished product
  • Use of green technology to achieve Environment friendly processes
  • Both plastic & tire can be used as raw material
  • Continuous type pyrolysis process
  • Breakthrough technologies used to improve safety, profitability & ease of operation
  • More than 90% of machinery parts are non-moving: this reduces the recurring maintenance.
  • Proven machinery and technology since 1999
  • Industry is energy self-sufficient
  • No external fuel required for heating

(1)Feeding-in system:
The raw material can be waste tyres, rubbers or plastic. If your raw material is plastic, we suggest that you use the auto feeder. If your raw material is waste tires, we suggest that you use belt conveyor.
(2)Pyrolysis system:
The reasonable thickness, it is easy to heat and easy to be cool down.
(3)Heating system:
There are various kinds of fuel, such wood, charcoal, coal, LPG etc.
(4)Deducting system:
They usually have one or two equipments for deducting, we the three, desulfurization scrubber, water film cyclon and the advanced bag deduster.
(5)Impurities removing system:
There are two devices for removing the impurities from the oil gas, one is gas separate tank, the other is depositing tank.
(6) Cooling system:
We have the new design for the cooling system; it has better cooling effect and high oil yield.
(7)Oil Store system: For store the oil.
(8)Waste gas recycling system:
It is also named water seal, it has two effects, and one is for the gas separate tank, the other is depositing tank.
(9)Carbon black discharging system:
The carbon black is coming out automatic; there also has a screw conveyor for removing the carbon black.


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  1. By farooq ashraf on

    Dear Sir, Messrs. Albaario is a Firm of highly experienced and technical team, Registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a Contractor and as well as Operators.we are also a dealer of pakarab refinery PARCO and deals in Diesel and Bitumen. The partners and associates have vast experience and specialties in the following nature of work. - Fabrication - Erection - Civil Work - Petroleum Products The Partners/Associates having expertise in respective fields so constituted as Albaario to perform a team works at high magnitude in a very professional manner. Albaario shall be please to work with your esteemed organization with modern techniques and expertise. we are interested in your Tyre Pyrolisis plant on turn key basis,please send us more details about this new plant ,some of our friends also running this plant having capacity 10 to 12 ton,we also want to convert black oil into Diesel Oil ,so we want complete setup in pakistan on turn key basis ,Please convey us what are the creteria of turnkey base project and send us complete detail with qutations and terms of this deal We assure you to provide the best services in all aspects. Trust this meet with your kind approval. Thanking you, Farooq Ashraf Albaario javed Siddiqui & Farooq Pvt Limited Reliance Plywood Industries Director 23 km Multan Road