Two environmental laboratories, 1 private and 1 government, optimize automation and ROI with investment in BOD/Titrate duo (case study)


Courtesy of MANTECH Inc.

MANTECH INC. is a leading manufacturer of automated multi-parameter, titration, BOD and COD laboratory instruments. Both a Private and Government Environmental Laboratory required optimized return on investment for both automated BOD/CBOD and automated multi-parameter systems. They each invested in the MANTECH BOD/Titrate Duo.


  • Each laboratory identified automation requirements for both BOD/CBOD and for multi-parameter: pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity and color-all from a single sample cup!
  • The methods employed on the systems had to be proven and follow Government Approved Methods.
  • The Environmental laboratories must generate high quality results that can be trusted.
  • The current samples per day for each system was not significant, however, future increases in sample numbers was to be expected and should be planned for.
  • Manual stations for pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity, color and BOD required significant bench space and operator time.
  • Manual sample handling and data entry from different stations was time consuming and prone to errors.


  • There were automated systems of each type in the market, BOD/CBOD and multi-parameter, but capital cost for each was significant.
  • Most systems, typically autotitrators, in the market did not offer multi-parameter analysis from a single sample with single source for all components and audit trail.
  • Traditional automated titration systems investigated were slow in terms of throughput and also suffered from small capacity samplers.
  • Many systems did not achieve the laboratories current accuracy and precision requirements.
  • Traditional automated titration and automated BOD systems proved to have ROI greater than 2 years.


  • MANTECH’s BOD/Titrate Duo System: BOD by Day, Multi-Parameter by Night.
  • All analytical methods conform to Standard Methods APHA.


  • Prepare and analyze samples for BOD/CBOD initials or finals. Once completed, simply switch racks and probe holder and analyze multiparameters: pH, conductivity, alkalinity, turbidity and color – all from a single sample cup!
  • Ability to select parameters required per sample, optimizing the per sample analysis time.
  • Capability to use membrane or the new luminescence BOD probes.
  • MANTECH’s IntelliRinse ensures all probes and system are cleaned prior to analyzing the next sample. Produces audit trail with proof.
  • Training and technical knowledge is optimized: Two different systems, common software and parts! Cost effective training and inventory for the laboratories.
  • Ability to analyze Priority samples as required.
  • Utilizes inexpensive 50ml centrifuge tubes for multi-parameter analysis.
  • The multi-parameter utilizes the US EPA ETV verified TitraSip SA.
  • Proven to generate results with that are accurate, precise and with the lowest MDL.
  • Plenty of room for growth with the current AutoMax sampler capacity. It is also very easy to separate into two separate systems with
  • significant growth in samples.
  • Return of investment equal to 6 months or better!

The MANTECH BOD/Titrate Duo with AutoMax73 Sampler. BOD/Titrate Duo is also available with AutoMax122 Sampler.

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