Two models for tank cleaning


Courtesy of AXI International

Fluid treatment specialist Algae- X International, Fort Myers, Fla., has expanded its Mobile Tank Cleaning (MTC) series with two new models. The MTC 500-AFR is an adjustable flow rate system for use with a wide range of tank sizes and fluid types such as diesel, biodiesel and hydraulic fluid. The MTC 1000-LX is the next generation of Algae-X’s MTC 1000 unit, now with stainlesssteel plumbing and new cam and coupling locks.

The MTC systems are designed to remove water, sludge and sediments that form in fuel and fluid tanks. By cleaning the tanks, fuel and fluid is restored by reconditioning, stabilizing and decontaminating the fluids to provide optimized fuel usage and engine performance in on-highway, off-road, marine and stationary equipment.

Both tank-cleaning systems incorporate Algae-X’s three-stage cleaning process. The first stage uses a centrifugal water separator/coalescer to remove water, large particulates and tank sludge, and drains them through a bottom valve. The second stage reconditions the fuel by passing it through Algae-X’s patented LG-X 1500 (LG-X 3000 on the MTC 1000- LX) fuel conditioner. The final stage removes dispersed and emulsified water, and filters very fine solids down to 3 microns using industrial waterblock fine filters.

With the MTC 500-AFR model, an adjustable flow rate pump provides additional flexibility for cleaning and fuel maintenance. By using an adjustable rate pump, users can slow flow to draw water off the bottom of a tank. Pump speed can be increased to polish the fuel and clean the tank.

The MTC 500-AFR unit is an enhanced version of Algae-X’s MTC 500 system with a varying flow rate of 180 to 480 gph. The varying flow capacity safely cleans small or large tank systems, allowing several tank sizes to be maintained, said Algae-X.

An industrial-strength self-priming gear pump with an ac variable speed drive is integrated into the assembly to provide high-starting torque with a soft pump start. This is designed to eliminate in-rush current and protect the ac motor.

An LED controller monitors operating status and power on the MTC 500-AFR cleaning system. It has a 0.75 in. port size and a discharge and suction of 25 ft. with a 0.75 in. hose. Power on the unit is 115 V at 60 Hz (230 V at 50 Hz). Weight is 150 lb.

Algae-X’s new MTC 1000-LX model has new stainless-steel plumbing for durability and new cam and groove lock couplings for a more secure hose connection. The cam locks also prevent spilling by capping the hoses and fittings to the system after use while the stainless-steel plumbing is a departure from the MTC 1000 model’s brass fixtures.

A 1 in. port and 25 ft. suction and discharge are installed in the tankcleaning unit along with a 1 in. clear vacuum hose for suction and a flexible 1 in. HP hose for discharge. The clear hose provides visual inspection of fuel flow and fuel clarity.

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