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Two proposals for unlimited fresh water

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The world water crisis may be more serious than generally appreciated. One reason for this is that the main response has been to increase storage of rain rather than to increase the amount of fresh water. Another is that fossil groundwater has been widely seen as inexhaustible. Two fresh water collecting systems are outlined here and it is argued that they have no ultimate limitation, either by the availability of water or by environmental constraints. The first system is the Water Road, with a large surface area so allowing distillation by solar and wind energy. The other is a refrigerated wind turbine system, Water from Air, which offers novel means to collect water from wind.

Keywords: arid drought, seawater distillation, seawater inland, solar distillation, water condensation, water desalination, water ecosystems, water from air, wind condensation, wind turbine refrigeration, water shortage, fresh water collection

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