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In June 2006 EarthTech (a member of the Tyco group of companies) undertook the bioremedial clean-up treatment of hydrocarbon contaminated muddy gravel at one of their sites in Hungary. The muddy gravel was contaminated with TPH levels in excess of 300,000 mg/kg in parts and was a stern test for the feasibility of bioremediation within the region.

The project was undertaken using SpillAway Brands products and concluded in September 2006 as a complete success, in less than 120 days, including an initial 60 day test period during which time only 10% of the total volume of contaminated soil was treated (the remaining volume being bioremediated within just 60 days).

Description of the treatment:

  • Task: Bioremediation of contaminated muddy gravel on site.
  • Contamination profile: Ex-Situ contaminated muddy gravel laid in a 4000 m2 basin sealed with foil.
  • Volume to be treated: c.400m3

Treatment procedure:

Step 1: Primary Test (40m3)
Initially, an area of 400m2 was isolated within the project basin and contained by a gravel wall and 40m3 of contaminated muddy gravel was treated. This test area was filled up to a level of 20cm with water and a pre diluted mixture of Liquid Remediact and HC-300 and increased oxygen circulation was assured through airlines.

Monitoring began on day 30 after initial treatment and showed a great reduction in TPH levels.

Step 2: Main Project Implementation (400m2)

Following the rapid degradation of hydrocarbons within the test area, at day 60 the isolated test area was opened and the remaining untreated soil was saturated with water and pre- dicted Liquid Remediact and HC-300 in the same method stated in Step 1 and allowed to mix with the test area's already active bio-colony.

On day 85 a final treatment was completed with SpillAway Liquid Remediact, SpillAway OWS-200 and SpillAway FleetKleen, whilst Keeping airlines functioning for circulation.

On day 107 the contamination level approached the targeted limit as shown on the table below.

Since the degradation of hydrocarbons will continue after the final sample was taken the test was closed and concluded with result of successful treatment and clean up.

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