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Types of Compaction Equipment for Different Industrial Setting

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Compaction equipment is used to compress and/or compact different types of materials at a work site. In construction sites different tools and machines are used for different purposes, such as waste around the work area is compacted and then disposed or loose soil around the work site is compacted before the start of the actual construction work. 

While compaction equipment is mostly used to compress loose soil, but owing to a variety of compaction equipment available today, this equipment has found way in all types of construction activities, right from building roads to constructing industrial complexes. This equipment can compress loose soil, rocks, landfill debris, road surfaces and other materials to a particular density levels, so that the ground does not cave with use or over a period of time. 

Types of Compaction Equipment

Here are some of the different types of compaction equipment that are used at construction sites. 

  • Wheeled Compactor: This is the largest type of compactor available on the market. It comes with steel wheels that have about 30 to 40 spikes. As the machine moves, each spike enters the earth. Each wheel has the ability to vibrate and this causes further compaction of the soil. This compactor is extremely heavy, more than 100,000 lbs and is used to compact landfill debris and loose top soil to prepare the soil surface for asphalt rock or concrete. 
  • Vibrating Road Roller: This type of compaction equipment is large and heavy-duty equipment. It usually weighs more than 35,000 to 45,000 lbs, based on the type of model you decide to buy. This compactor has round steel drum in front and is used to compact soil or smooth out asphalt and make it flat. The drum uses a force from 70 to 100 lbs per square inch at least. As the drum is fixed, the movement of the vehicle controls whether the drum moves to the right or left. 
  • Plate Compactor: This type of compactor is used for tight spaces and surface areas that are small, about 5,000 to 10,000 square feet. This is a walk-behind compaction equipment that comes with vibrating plate located at the bottom part of the machine. Generally, the machine weighs anywhere from 100 to 200 lbs and has the ability to compact soil until a depth of 12 inches. This compaction equipment usually is used to compact base rock present under surfaces that are paved with stone or asphalt. It can also be used to compact bricks to flatten surfaces and make them suitable for pedestrians and vehicles. 
  • Tamper: When light compaction is the need of the hour, a hand tamper is used. This type of compactor has wooden handle onto which a steel plate is attached. This plate is raised and dropped on the surface that has to be compacted or compressed. A tamper is perfect for compressing small irrigation canals and trenches, performing landscaping compaction or preparing soil for laying stones to make walkways. 

If you are looking for a compactor, it is advisable to first determine what you will be using it for and then check out the different models and makes to find one that is best suited for your needs. 

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