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Tyre aggregate applications in geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering

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A Tyre Aggregate (TA) is made from scrap/waste rubber tyres. Four types of tyre aggregates are classified, namely the coarse-grained, fine-grained, random and composite tyre aggregates. Applications of these tyre aggregates are varied, but they are often used as geomaterial fills and highway-pavement components. More recently, TA has found application in geoenvironmental engineering. This paper briefly examines the conventional use of tyre aggregates in the construction of geomaterial fills, but focuses on TA interaction in the environment and on applications which include drainage filters, clay liners and slurry walls. The use of TA combined with Nanoscale Iron Particles (NIP) and homoionic modification of soil into a New Generation Material System for in situ environmental remediation is also discussed.

Keywords: construction, environmental management, highway, materials, pollution, waste management, rubber tyres, tyre aggregate, geotechnical engineering, roads, geoenvironmental engineering, geomaterial fills, drainage filters, clay liners, slurry walls, nanoscale iron particles, nanoparticles, soil modification, environmental remediation, recycling, reuse

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