Tyre Recycling roller bearing cracker mill

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Courtesy of Arrowhead International Inc.


 Our newest generation mill has ANTI-FRICTION ROLLER BEARINGS.

Arrowhead's newst generation cracker mill 'The Chief' is possibly the most technologically advanced cracker mill in the world. It is the only twin drive roller bearing cracker mill sold today.

 Older style  bronze bushings can be quite troublesome with overheating and potentially locking up. This costs a lot in downtime and repairs. The roller bearings eliminate this problem.

We use a re-circulating oil system with a water cooled heat exchanger.

 The re-circulating oil also saves you a lot in lubrication costs. A typical bronze bearing mill costs $750-$1000 per month /mill for grease. The disposal fee for grease can also be around $1000/ month for a 55 gallon drum. Between the cost of the grease and the disposal fee you amy be spending $2,000. per month!  The savings of roller bearings is substantial because you do not have these costs.

 Please read the full atricle for further details

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