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Tyre vertical transmissibility transient response analysis

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A finite element radial-ply passenger car P205/70R14 tyre model was developed and numerically ran on the road with-a-cleat to examine the tyre transient response characteristics. The tyre vertical reaction force was recorded when the tyre encountered the cleat, and then the FFT algorithm was applied to extract the information from the frequency domain. The simulation results showed that this tyre has a clear transmissibility peak at 84 Hz. Five important tyre model parameters were investigated to validate the reliability and accuracy of the simulation algorithm. The results were compared to previous studies by analytical, computational, and experimental approaches and showed excellent agreement.

Keywords: vehicle tyres, FEM, finite element method, transient response, transmissibility, vibration modes, vertical reaction force, vehicle vibration, simulation, radial-ply tyres, passenger cars

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