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UK/Newmarket: Enabling Smart Infrastructure - Case Study


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Anglian Water has set itself a goal to become more innovative and deliver superior service to its customers. It is building a 'vision of what its future water company could look like' in order to be fit for AMP7. Part of this vision is a digital transformation and the application of smart data-driven technologies. In Newmarket Anglian Water have created a test bed for new technologies. GUTERMANN's fixed network technology was tested there with the following results:

Project Scope

  • 106 ZONESCAN ALPHA measurements points deployed across Newmarket
  • Targeted specifically ‘hard to find’ leakage successfully detecting over 30 proactive leaks & 3 burst mains
  • Utilises a fixed radio network to provide 24/7 leakage detection and alert
  • Ability to challenge traditional behaviours
  • Creating a need for new and different skill sets in the workforce
Newmarket test area with 106 ZONESCAN ALPHA points

Why is this Smart?

Anglian Water's goal was to combine fixed network acoustic logging with other technologies in order to create synergies on the data level and improve decision making. The following points were seen as advantages:

  • Sensing asset health / condition
  • Proactive leakage detection & preventing bursts
  • Allows leakage detection 24/7
  • Synergies with other sensors in the network – e.g. transients, smart meters
  • Non-intrusive and retrofit – non-disruptive
  • 100% confidence in finding – so no dry holes, carbon, wastage
  • Avoid CAPEX and carbon intensive main laying solutions


The results from trials were summarised as follows by the Anglian Water project leaders:

  • Reduced the leakage level in central Newmarket by 23%
  • Over 30 proactive leaks & 3 burst mains found
  • Reduced amount of water flowing into Newmarket by 345,600 litres per day equating to 126 million litres per year – that’s enough to fill 50 Olympic swimming pools
  • OPEX saving of £67k per annum and CAPEX avoidance of £316k.
  • Ability to challenge traditional behaviours, providing greater safety for staff and customers
  • Improving customer experience through proactive asset management
  • Carbon reduction from decreased travel – 40,000 miles per annum

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