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UK strategy to develop skills for brownfields regeneration


Courtesy of English Partnerships

The launch of this national Brownfield Skills Strategy for public consultation follows the submission by English Partnerships to Government in May 2007 of policy recommendations designed to bring thousands of hectares of blighted land back into beneficial use. These recommendations were the result of three years of extensive research and consultation surrounding the barriers that prevent or hinder the reuse of brownfield land and included an accreditation and skills strand.

ASC has worked with English Partnerships to investigate the skills issues that prevent or hinder the reuse of brownfield land, and to advise on how these might be addressed. This strategy presents the findings of this joint work. It is the product of the most comprehensive examination of the issues that has ever been undertaken in this country.

Brownfield skills - why do they matter?

Development of brownfield land is a priority. The potential is considerable, with 52,670 hectares (ha) (26,100 sites)’of under-used vacant or derelict land across England recorded in 2006. However, to realise this potential and to ensure effective and efficient beneficial reuse of this land we need the right people with the right skills.

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