Ultra-small VOLUTE Dewatering Press ES-051 (Ukraine (1))

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Courtesy of AMCON Inc.

In the year of 2004 in Ukraine, there was no compact sludge dewatering equipment suitable for small-scale wastewater treatment facilities like septic tanks. As for septic tanks, it had been common that sludge was disposed by tanker truck
and sent to sludge dewatering facilities for post treatment. For that reason, the annual sludge disposal cost was extremely high, which had been a major issue among user and maintenance service company.


AMCON was informed from their Ukrainian distributor about this issue, and promised to develop a new model suitable for septic tanks. Upon their request, AMCON, having originally had sludge dewatering press for small-scale wastewater treatment plants, succeeded in the development of ES-051 model with its throughput as small as 1kg-DS/h, after a longstanding research and experiments. Speaking of the new ES-051 model, not only the throughput is suitable
for small-scale wastewater treatment plants but it also requires very small footprint for installation. Also, the operating cost of this new model is extremely low and the cost difference becomes salient when it is compared with other conventional sludge dewatering systems. Consequently, AMCON proposed this new model ES-051 to their
Ukrainian distributor and this new model is now installed in a septic tank in Ukraine.


Installation of ES-051 reduced their sludgedisposal cost by 1/3, even if the operating cost is included. Also, the longstanding issue which user nd maintenance service company had had was resolved with the installation of this system. In addition, this septic tank was not designed for installing any sludge dewatering system, yet the compact size of ES-051 made an installation of sludge dewatering system possible. At this time in 2009, there are more than 10 units of ES-051 model, which are operating in Ukraine.

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