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Ultrasonic Cleaning of Wire, Rod and Strip


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Ultrasonic Wire Cleaning

Hielscher ultrasonics offers ultrasonic inline cleaning systems. This is an environmentally friendly alternative for the cleaning of continuous materials, such as wire and cable, tape or tubes. The effect of the cavitation generated by the ultrasonic power removes lubrication residues like oil or grease, soaps, stearates or dust from the material surface. The cavitational effect can also be used to support chemical surface treatment, such as pickling.
By the use of an innovative proprietary ultrasonic technology, very strong cavitation fields are generated around the wire in close proximity, so that very good cleaning results at high line speeds can be accomplished. As the cleaning effect is based on the physical cleaning effects of the ultrasound, it can be used for any ferrous and non-ferrous material, e.g. stainless steel, copper, aluminum, even plastic or glass. Most commonly ultrasonic cleaning machines are used for drawn wire, e.g. before cladding or extrusion. By the concentration of the ultrasonic power to a low liquid volume, a very compact design can be realized. This can be easily integrated into existing or new production lines, e.g. directly after drawing or reel payoff.

More information: http://www.hielscher.com/wire


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