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Ultrasonic level measurement solution reduces costs and saves labor time case study


SmartScan 25 L provides accurate and constant level measurement results allowing cost reduction and shortens labor time at Hopax Chemicals plant, Taiwan.

Hopax Chemicals, Taiwan produces over fifty kinds of chemical additives which are used in paper manufacturing and coating process, such as pulp preparing, wed-end handling, and coating, etc. The company invests heavily in modern instrument and integrated production facilities, to provide the best service to biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, and other high-tech industries.

The problems

The plant sought for a measurement device that could provide accurate readings of a chemical solution used for carbon paper. This chemical solution is viscous and therefore difficult to handle. To maintain the solution in a homogeneous state, three agitators were installed in the tank, constantly blending the mixture. These agitators may cause acoustic interferences that result in inaccurate readings.

In addition, the environment inside the tank is hot and humid to keep the solution in a liquid state. This kind of environment creates vapors and liquid drops on the sensor that can cause the sensor to be less sensitive or sometimes, due the condensation of drops around the membrane, block the transmitted pulses completely.

Moreover, the process itself involves inlet and outlet of the material which can also be a barrier to the ultrasonic wave.

The solution

Hopax installed a SmartScan 25 L unit on top of the chemical solution tank. SmartScan 25 is designed as a two-part system thus enabling a fast and simple installation of its sensor on top of the tank and its electronics, remotely. The ability to view measurement results locally on the SmartScan 25 LCD display in addition to the analog display, allows the plant engineers online monitoring of the level of solution in the tank. The SmartScan 25 is equipped with an intelligent software algorithm that overcomes the false targets generated by the agitators and other obstacles in the tank. In addition, the sensor's housing material and shape are specially designed to prevent condensation of the liquid drops on the membrane, thus enable reliable level measurement results continuously. These measurement results are converted to weight figures and are viewed locally on the SmartScan 25's LCD display, enabling the plant engineers to obtain the exact weight of material in the tank.


SmartScan 25 L is a 4-wire non-contact, ultrasonic level measurement device for liquid applications in problematic environments. It enables local view of measurement results in level, distance, volume and kilograms.

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