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Ultrasonic sludge disintegration in the presence of iron (II) as catalyst

Increasing environmental awareness worldwide and subsequent regulations have led to the application of improved and novel technologies in excess sludge treatment. Sludge is the by–product of wastewater treatment plants rich in organic carbons, pathogens and metals. To enhance the ultrasonic sludge disintegration, a new method by introducing (Fe (II)) as a catalyst in the process has been explored. Studies were conducted to elucidate the parameters governing the disintegration process. The disintegration profiles show two phases, disruption of micro–organisms resulting release of organic–substances and mineralisation of dissolved organic substances. The optimal level of process parameters results in better solubilisation and mineralisation.

Keywords: ultrasonic sludge disintegration, mineralisation, protein solubilisation, wastewater treatment, microorganisms, iron

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