UN Global Compact Communication on Progress

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Courtesy of Waterlogic International Ltd

Within its sphere of influence, Waterlogic supports and respects the protection of all human rights. Exceptional work conditions are maintained in Waterlogic’s Chinese manufacturing facility, resulting in an extremely low employee turnover rate of less than 1%, a very important indicator reflecting the positive working conditions. These exceptional working conditions are the result of careful consideration about every aspect of the factory’s operations, from the 8 step quality control process to the ISO standards which are in the process of being upgraded even further to the health and safety regulations which the factory employees must follow. In the factory, written guidelines exist concerning health & safety issues as part of standard operating procedure and ongoing employee training sessions take place on various topics such as safe work practices and hygiene in order to constantly improve the work environment. Additional safety measures include providing employees with safety shoes and uniforms for use on the job. Regular bi-weekly internal inspections take place in the factory, with risk management discussions following each inspection, and audits by external 3rd parties also take place several times per year. The factory has even been specially recognized by the local Chinese government for its contribution to the region, in terms of strong corporate citizenship and maintaining the highest of working conditions. The utmost of health and safety standards are achieved and will continue to be upheld in all Waterlogic locations beyond the factory, including its sales office in Dublin, logistics centre in London, and all international subsidiaries.

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