UN numbers: activation of the filter for the type of compound


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During the TremManager calculation the user can select the desired UN number among those present in the list. To simplify the choice of the appropriate UN number, you can  filter the results according to the type of compound of your product. To apply the filter, just follow the simple steps described in this newsletter.

Setting the UN numbers filter

In order to activate the UN numbers filter in the TremManager calculation you have just to select the desired type of compound in “TremManager > TremManager settings…”. In this way it is possible to select a specific type of UN Number or, alternatively, you can set “all” so that all the UN numbers derived from the calculation will be shown, regardless of the type.

Quick selection of the UN numbers filter

In the TremManager window of results management, you can also reset the filter of UN Numbers type, previously defined in the setting window. This operation can be executed by selecting the desired type in the drop-down menu. However it is always possible to visualize all the UN Number resulting from the calculation, regardless of the type, by selecting “all”.

Application of the UN numbers filter

The filter of the UN Numbers type reduces the list of UN Numbers among which you have to choose during the ADR calculation. We remind you that if you choose “all”, in the list you will see only the UN numbers consistent with the ADR calculation for the selected product.

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