UNEP Report ‘Greening the building Supply Chain'


UNEP Report ‘Greening the building Supply Chain’

Recently released, the United Nations Environment Programme’s Sustainable Buildings and Climate Initiative (UNEP-SBCI) ‘Greening the Building Supply Chain’ report aims to tackle the sector’s oversized environmental footprint.

There remains a relative lack of understanding about how building supply chains could better deliver green buildings, achieve greater resource efficiency and contribute towards wider socio-economic goals. IMS Consulting and Skanska’s involvement in this work is one example of firms seeking to challenge this.

 “Most environmental impact associated with buildings is still ‘in use,’ but as buildings become greener and more energy efficient the relative importance of other parts of the supply chain – such as  how they are commissioned, designed and constructed – will become increasingly important.” explains Dr Richard Westaway, Sustainability Specialist at IMS Consulting.

“Second,” he continues, “The construction sector typically has a fragmented and complex supply chain consisting of many small companies. There is often little motivation for change, particularly where the supply chain itself does not realise the benefits. Sometimes there are few large stakeholders to coordinate action.”

Firms as diverse as Saint-Gobain and Siemens have fed into the document, making it suitable for cross-sector sustainability work. ‘Greening the building supply chain is a necessary precondition for upscaling delivery of green buildings and realising the associated sustainability opportunities on a commercially-viable and widespread basis.’ it reveals.

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