Uniforet Mill, Quebec, Canada


Courtesy of Thermal Energy International Inc.

Biomass Drying For Bioenergy

A DRY-REX low temperature biomass drying system was installed at a Uniforet pulp and paper mill in Quebec to dry sludge produced during the paper making process into a high efficiency biofuel. Prior to the DRY-REX project, the mill was spending millions of dollars to treat and landfill the sludge as waste.

The DRY-REX system processed 200 wet tons of sludge a day containing 22% solids (78% moisture), evaporating 5 tons/hr of liquid from the sludge at low temperature resulting in virtually no emissions.

The output was 40 dry tons of biomass dried containing greater than 60% solids, which was used as biofuel in a cogeneration process.


  • The mill eliminated costly landfilling and treatment of sludge
  • Developed an economical source of bioenergy with reduced emissions
  • A bottom line multi-million dollar swing from waste cost to reduced fossil fuel consumption and energy savings.

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