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Unique Ozone and Ultraviolet Water Treatment System


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Euroby Ltd, the sludge treatment specialists, are pleased to announce the signing of an agreement to be the sole UK and Ireland distributor for the unique UVOX range of water treatment  systems.
UVOX, as the name suggests, uses a combination of Ultraviolet and Ozone to treat infected and polluted water.
Its uniqueness stems from its novel method of first producing ozone by irradiating air with a specially designed lamp with UV light at 185nm, mixing the ozone with the water to be treated, and again exposing the mixture to UV light at 254nm using the same lamp.
This process forms OH-  radicals which are powerful oxidants, breaking up organic compounds such as nitrites, cyanides, odorous sulphur compounds, pesticides and even parasites. Any remaining ozone is destroyed, usually eliminating the requirement for an activated carbon filter.
The 254nm UV light also kills pathogens such as e-coli, salmonella and legionella.
There are now 6 UVOX models in the range, the smallest, the 100w UVOX-200 is capable of processing up to 4.3m3/hr with a high Ozone output, the largest, the 160w 450 can process up to 14.4m3 /hr of drinking quality or swimming pool water, and up to 28.8m3 of effluent or industrial process water. Multiple UVOX units can be mounted in parallel to accommodate larger flows.
UVOX has many applications, from potable water installations in small developments, through hotels, trains, ships and work camps to swimming pools where it can greatly reduce the need for chlorination, and eliminate the irritating “redeye” effect caused by chlorinated hydrocarbons, producing a much more pleasant environment. Water used for delicate processes also benefits from treatment with UVOX. More and more uses are being found for this unique system, a recent application has been in the washing of contaminated soils from old filling stations.

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