United Biscuits Plc. - Case Study


Courtesy of FogBusters, Inc.

DAF plant to remove oils from their effluent was unsuccessful due to the high pH of the effluent (9-11). pH balancing was required
before and after the DAF plant. The client had been non-compliant for some time and paid fees of nearly $100,000 in one event.

A Fogbuster 2800 unit (400 GPM) was installed to replace the aging DAF plant. The control systems automated the plant with manual override to enable remote access. The PH balancing is now only performed once; after the Fogbuster.

The plant is now consistently compliant with their discharge. FOG was reduced from peaks of 20,000 mg/l to consistently below
100ppm. COD and TSS were reduced by 85%. The plant eliminated the cost of running the DAF plant, reduced the cost of pH control and eliminated sludge disposal from the site which saved $115,000/year. Bonus: the plant now earns an income of > $80,000/year from the sale of the recovered sunflower oil.

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