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Prevention of waste at source is obviously the preferable scenario, but for as long as households continue to fill their bins with rubbish, for as long as companies dismiss the duty they have to reduce the waste they produce, and for as long as countries continue to burn fossil fuels for energy, nations must look at smarter ways to utilise their waste.

Companies involved in the engineering and manufacturing of waste shredders, crushers, screens and conveyors are incredibly aware of the role that technology has to play in increasing the momentum of all-important waste to energy projects.

For example, thanks to the pioneering technology experts at UNTHA, waste can now pass through a rigorous size reduction process to ensure a homogenous material in terms of size and calorific value, which releases a uniform heat specific to the requirements of the end user.

Acknowledging the industry’s need for a robust and efficient pre and post shredding solution for RDF, UNTHA’s design engineers began developing two unique engineering innovations which have since become widely-regarded as the most intelligent yet economical waste shredders of their kind.

Before household or similar commercial waste is landfilled or incinerated it is subject to biomechanical treatment in order to reduce its volume and stabilise the organic substances included in the waste. The first and most important step in this treatment process is pre-shredding, for which UNTHA developed the XR pre-shredder model..

The XR’s output-controlled ram device pushes input material against the rotor, which is equipped with indexable inserts. Once the rotor has seized the material, it is shredded against the stator blade. The grid rods are adjustable so that the final size of the shredded material can be determined according to requirement.

But to prepare waste for use as a secondary fuel, further treatment is required to produce a fraction of high calorific value which can then be burnt for energy in cement mills and power stations. For this secondary fuel treatment, a post-shredder is required.

When launched in the UK in 2009, the revolutionary TR post-shredder series was met with great industry praise. The high-performance technology boasts numerous examples of heightened operator and plant efficiencies – including operation and maintenance simplicity, foreign objection detection, greater throughput, increased uptime and an energy-saving drive system – which all amounts to the best return on investment (ROI) for the user.

It’s safe to say that UNTHA’s approach to RDF shredding has changed the way that companies can process SRF and RDF substances, and clients have been reaping the benefits ever since.

UNTHA is dedicated to giving customers a first-hand insight into their world at every possible opportunity, so the door is always open at UNTHA’s Austrian HQ and UNTHA UK’s Yorkshire hub. But because the company has nothing to hide, and because clients are UNTHA’s biggest advocates, waste professionals are welcomed to view UNTHA’s pre and post shredders ‘in action’ too.

In 2011 UNTHA held two UK RDF showcases at Brown Recycling’s plant in Stoke-on-Trent, so that new and existing clients from across the globe could see an advanced RDF/SRF processing method in action. Browns pre-sorts MSW and C&I waste in order to generate an income stream from recovered recyclables, before an XR2000S pre-shredder and TR3200  post-shredder swing into action along with sophisticated conveyors, magnets and windshifters. Heavy metals and aggregates are extracted as the waste progresses through this robust and systematic plant, and in only three minutes Brown Recycling has created a product that they could sell for incineration in power stations to be burnt for energy.

This overcomes the need to burn fossil fuels, it reduces the amount of waste being sent to landfill, and it has the potential to create an additional source of revenue for Brown Recycling. Plus the cost, time and energy savings Browns has recouped as a result of using the TR instead of similar machinery means the financial benefits are multi-faceted.

The 2011 events were so well received by UNTHA’s international prospects – from Germany, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Poland and the United Kingdom – that UNTHA is planning more for 2012.

The RDF showcases allow organisations to get ‘up close and personal’ with UNTHA technology. The shredders’ functionality is not being demonstrated in the comfortable and controlled surroundings of a testing centre; instead the machines are being put their paces in a very real waste management environment. UNTHA’s senior designers and engineers are available throughout to answer specific technical queries, plus Brown Recycling’s knowledge and first-hand experience of operating, maintaining and managing the plant gives visitors an unparalleled insight into how the flexible technology can be configured to meet their own particular requirements.


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