UNTHA UK’s waste management expertise to take Ireland by storm


Courtesy of UNTHA UK LTD

The knowledge and experience of UNTHA UK’s waste shredding experts is renowned throughout Mainland Britain, but the company’s specialist advice is now being sought even further afield.

Led by resource efficiency guru Chris Oldfield, the UNTHA UK team is moving across the Irish Sea to also support customers in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as they strive to improve their approach to waste management.

This expansion into the Irish market signifies the latest phase of UNTHA UK’s continued growth, and appears to have come at the right time for the island. Recent industry reports state that Northern Ireland has earmarked £500,000 of Rethink Waste grants for landfill diversion projects proposed in the next two years. Emphasising the nation’s growing acknowledgement of the need satisfy 2020 recycling targets, this news is music to the ears of the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ advocates at UNTHA UK.

Elsewhere the Republic of Ireland, despite boasting one of the fastest growing recycling rates, needs to make some improvements if it is to achieve its 2016 biodegradable waste diversion targets. Less MSW was generated during the recession, but there is a risk that an economic recovery will override this positive step and once again lead to a greater amount of waste to be managed.

With too strong a link between economic growth and waste production, positive action needs to be taken, suggests Chris: “Councils, private sector organisations and households across the entire island are in need of the best possible support, advice and technology, if they are to continue to experience success in terms of waste prevention and diversion to recovery.

“I look forward to our reputation spreading throughout Northern and Southern Ireland as we work with waste management professionals who want to improve their resource efficiencies and turn today’s rubbish into tomorrow’s profits.”

But a move into Irish territory will not be to the detriment of business in England, Scotland and Wales, Chris emphasises. “As UNTHA UK’s position as the leading provider of waste shredders has grown over the past two years, we have continued to attract more and more customers, many of whom are the largest players in this exciting industry.

“To ensure our quality standards are upheld during this period of expansion we have maintained a steady recruitment strategy which has seen our team of waste management, engineering and customer service experts grow accordingly. Moving into Ireland is the next logical step for our organisation.”

Ireland has recorded many recycling successes to be proud of, with household WEEE collection rates almost double the EU target figure, and a 79% packaging recovery rate far surpassing the 60% target in 2011. “Now is the time to build on these accomplishments and take further steps forward,” concludes Chris.



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