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Update and revision of Turkish air quality regulation

The Air Quality Assurance Regulation (AQAR) was issued on October 1986. This regulation was basically a direct translation of the German TA-Luft of 1984. The main purpose of AQAR was to control the effect of industry, domestic heating and Traffic on ambient air quality which previously had not adequately been represented. Two new regulations, 'Industry Related Air Pollution Control Regulation' (IRAPCR) and 'Heating Related Air Pollution Control Regulation' (HRAPCR), came into force in 2004 and 2005, respectively. Two more regulations on traffic-related air pollution control and ambient air quality are to be issued. In this study, we evaluate the two air pollution control regulations IRAPCR and HRAPCR on legal, technical, administrative, practical and global basis. A comparison of these two new regulations with EU Directives has also been made.

Keywords: air quality regulation, emission limits, industrial pollution, heating, air pollution, environmental pollution, Turkey, EU Directives, European Union

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