Update: For the period 28 February to 22 May 2009


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There were no relevant new pieces of primary legislation as at 22 May 2009.


There were no relevant Public Bills before Parliament as at 22 May 2009.


Marine and Coastal Access Bill

Introduced by Lord Hunt of Kings Heath, this Bill has reached the third day of the report stage in the House of Lords. The fourth day was due to take place in June 2009. The draft Marine and Coastal Access Bill was published for public consultation on 3 April 2008. It will impact, in particular, offshore renewables, oil, gas and carbon capture and storage projects, as well as nature conservation interests. It includes provisions to: create a new Marine Management Organisation; streamline the existing marine licensing system; put in place a power to create a joined up marine planning policy; and reform fisheries management. In addition, it provides a framework for establishing a network of marine conservation zones. The Government is currently consulting on the network of marine conservation areas. The consultation closed on 13 July 2009.

In addition, the Government has recently (29 April 2009) published the high-level marine objectives which will play an important role in formulating the Marine Policy Statement. The Marine Policy Statement will provide the regulatory framework for the operation of the Marine Management Organisation.

Draft Flood and Water Management Bill

The Draft Flood and Water Management Bill is currently under public consultation (published by Defra). It was introduced in response to: the recommendations of the Pitt Review (regarding the 2007 floods); a need to transpose the EU Directive on the assessment and management of flood risks; and various commitments made by the Government in previous water policy statements. It aims to cover:

  • flood and coastal erosion;
  • general risk management;
  • reservoirs;
  • the water administration regime;
  • sustainable drainage; and
  • water industry regulation.

The consultation closed on 24 July 2009.


There were  no  relevant  Private  Bills  before Parliament as at 22 May 2009.


Climate Change (Sectoral Targets) Bill This Bill was introduced under the 10-minute rule by Martin Caton. It sets targets relating to energy generation and consumption. It was due to receive its second reading in the House of Commons in June 2009.

Green Energy (Definition and Promotion) Bill Introduced by Peter Ainsworth, this Bill received no debate at the first reading. The second reading occurred in May 2009. The committee stage in the House of Commons was due in June 2009. The Bill contains provisions to help define and promote 'green energy' as well as dealing with installations and usage.

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