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Updating the Candidate List


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SVHC: what is the target of this update?

Manufacturers and importers of articles containing one of the seven substances included in the Candidate List will have six months, from 16 December 2013, to notify ECHA of the presence of a SVHC substance in articles. There are exemptions from the notification, if the substance is already registered for use or when exposure can be excluded.

Information on the notification of SVHC substances in articles and also a manual with the instructions on how to create and submit a simplified notification dossier are both available on the ECHA website. There is also a web form to facilitate the submission of notifications of SVHC substances in articles.

As required by REACH Regulation, a specific procedure will be followed to decide when the SVHC substances should be included in the list of substances subject to authorization (Annex XIV of the REACH Regulation).

What are the new substances included in the SVHC list?

The new substances included are listed at the following link:

The Cadmium sulphide was added to the Candidate list because it is a carcinogen and because of the probable serious effects to human health (in particular due to effects on kidneys and bones). The second and the third substances listed are identified as carcinogens, the remaining four substances are identified as toxic to reproduction.

For more information, see the ECHA website at the following links:

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