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Upgrading NY-NJ Harbor: risks and challenges


New York-New Jersey Harbor is an economic engine for the east coast of the USA, providing efficient and cost-effective processing of imported and exported goods. Markets for these goods extend throughout New York, New Jersey, New England, and Canada, involving intermodal transportation systems (rail, highway, air) from the harbour to these markets. As a result of a Panama Canal project scheduled to complete in 2014, New York Harbor must make changes to accommodate larger ships or risk declining in importance. This paper examines the risks and challenges of these changes in terms of competition, infrastructure, environmental, financial, and security impacts.

Keywords: New York and New Jersey Harbor, upgrading New York and New Jersey Harbor, risks and challenges of upgrading NY-NJ Harbor, Bayonne Bridge, post-Panamax, climate change, port security, Marine Transportation System, MTS, dredging, harbour maintenance, port infrastructure, Port of New York and New Jersey, Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

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