Upgrading Pre-Existing DAF Clarifiers

Whether a Mill is pursuing a facility wide directive to reduce water consumption or simply looking for better performance from a presently installed DAF clarifier, the advancements discussed in this overview offer proven techniques to optimize existing DAF system operations. Significant operational cost reductions can be achieved with DAF System Upgrades. In addition, increasing DAF performance offers many additional benefits. As an example: Maximizing the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal in DAF Clarification is the first step in costeffectively achieving a Mill’s water reduction goals. The lower the TSS in the clarified water, the correspondingly lower the capital costs of downstream microfiltration equipment. Although the scope of this overview only allows for specific discussion concerning the actual DAF performance improvement results, the expanded value of these benefits is impressive.

DAF Technology has been in the Paper Industry for over 40 years. New DAF installations in the Pulp & Paper Industry generally involve designs that offer higher performance, while minimizing operational and capital costs. The fundamental advancements in DAF equipment have been associated with improving the hydraulic separation zone, air dissolving system, and sludge removal operation. Understanding the trend in the industry to get more value from pre-existing equipment, World Water Works has successfully applied these advancements, used in the www/RESOURCE DAF, to retrofit existing DAF Clarifiers. These upgrades are not limited to older ceramic tile systems such as Permutit DAF systems; system upgrades have been completed on all brands of circular & rectangular systems including recently installed “Lamella Plate” DAF configurations.

Dissolved Air Upgrade (DAU)
The Dissolved Air Upgrade has been cost-effectively installed in every type of DAF system utilized in the North American Paper Industry. Historically the conventional air systems generate large bubbles with very poor saturation efficiencies. Techniques used include Pressure Tank, Pressure Tube and Centrifugal Pump air dissolving systems that require Mill supplied compressed air, as well as Induced Air systems. The “Dissolved Air Upgrade” is designed to increase the efficiency of the DAF Clarifier by reducing the bubble size, while increasing the number of “DAF bubbles” generated. This effectively improves the removal of smaller particles during clarification and results in higher quality effluent, while lowering operating costs.

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